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Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 25

Self-awareness is a bitch
The little man looked into the ocean's reflective guise
He sighed and tossed a rock
disrupting the gaze he held with himself
Self-awareness is a bitch
If he looked closely the little man could still see traces of the little boy
He loved that little boy
The little boy knew love
The little boy looked fear in the face
pulled up it's shirt
and gave it the most awesome
raspberry ever..
That little boy was someone to look up to
Now all the little man sees
is ....
a little man,
a little man that made all heads
take a sharp decline
as they sought to make quick eye contact
then turn away with disgust
The little man knew why they looked away
His existence told a story
It told the story of the little boy
And everyone knew of the little boy
They knew him personally
Sometimes he let them call him
The little man remembered vividly the day
the little boy died
It was the day he realized
when he imagined
when he perceived
that he was not in the least bit

Friday, September 24, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 24

There is a whirlpool of reality
picking up speed at the
top left corner of my vision
it's slowing sucking the light from
my universe
As darkness begins to swirl
I grab the two nearest objects
and lean back
hoping to slingshot my way
into and through the abyss
I let go realizing that this
would be a sisyphean effort
and rather than let my strength
be overcome by some futile hope against hope
I should merely
grab my knees
holding on to my individual self
for preservation
And let my thoughts circle round
and travel into
the darkness of my ego

Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 23

Black man knows
Black man knows white man owns
everything is everything
and everything excludes nothing
Black man knows that white man owns
Black women
He sees it in their weaves
in their perms
in their straighteners
in their make-up
in their inability to wake up and see
black man
as a man
to talk to him
as a man
to love him
as a man
to treat him
as a man
so he beats them
cause he can
Black man knows that white man owns
his own will
to keep the oppressed oppressed
make them worship everything about the oppressor
black man lusts after white man's money
black man lusts after all that money
we lust after all that money
you lust after all that money
I lust after all that money
(Goddamnit!I just got an erection)
Black man knows that white man owns
all his brothers
the word brother is like the word revolution
it means nothing now
because everything excludes nothing
Black man sees black man
and steals
and takes and kills and even rapes
Black man knows taht white man owns
his law
Black man has no law
Black man knows that it is criminal to be a black man
Don't let them catch you nigger
Cause then they're putting you behind some physical bars
Black man knows that white man owns
his escape
White man is God.
So we drive around in these God-given
automobiles made up of narcotics
but be careful nigger
if God catches you using his stick shift
he'll send you to places where other black men
stick dicks
up your whole entire asshole
and while the floor is covered with your blood, tears, and shit
black man sees your pain
and it gives him the satisfaction that his wounded huberis
(Goddamnit I just lost my erection)
And you wonder why niggers fuck with automatics instead
It's cause
Black man knows white man owns his music
He hip hops to the tip top
in tune with
sex money drugs
with ballads screamed from 40 caliber lungs
in perfect rhyme in perfect repitition
"please make me like you
please make me like you
make me like you
and maybe you'll like me
the way I fuckin' love you"
Black man knows that white man owns
his youth
His offspring are living contradictions
Literally figurative
So he hides in the front of buses
scared of them
as they reflect his own ignorance
Black man knows white man owns
his hopes
his dreams
his whispers
his screams
Black man knows white man owns everything
and everything excludes nothing
The only escape from everything is death
Black man knows
and it hurts his soul
Black man knows and it hurts his soul
Black man knows and ..
it hurts his soul

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 22

I walked into a strip club
and a good idea
sat in my lap
lips smeared with epiphanies
she danced
the music made me close my eyes
and feel

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 21

Soil becomes sand
when there is no water
What does soul become
when it has no water?
I'm sorry
I don't feel like talking to you right now
I am lacking nutrition
But doesn't the sand feel good when you're
on the cusp of the beach and the water
You don't have money?
It costs 5 dollars at the door
Don't bring 25 quarters
That will be embarrassing
A five dollar bill is much more

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 20


Nothing's more important
than a woman who ain't
scared to show you love

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 19

I want you
to come and fuck me
Push me down to a seated position
Straddle me
and as I seek to find words
silence me with your tongue
Grab my arms
and push them above my head
then undress me with your mouth
Taste every spot you see
Discover if my body tastes the same all over
Whisper in my ear
How much you want me
Fuck my feelings
Fuck my ego
Fuck my past
Become my present
and stroke me to the
boundaries where sex and love meet
Shed your inhibitions
And let me see you
Leave that cold outerwear outside
for the frigid
Let's fuck summer
Let's make spring blush
with the way you moan my name
Tell me how much you want me
Tell me what you want to do to me
Then do it
Chain my fantasies to a bed of
chocolate covered wet dreams
Then ride them until the waves themselves get tired
Let's make a safe word
And lock it within the depths of climax
Tell me what to do
Show me how to fuck
My darling Nikki
A submissive woman
never gets what she wants

Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 18

"And their eyes change as they learn to see through flames
And their necks crane as they turn to pray for rain.."

Writing prayers on the papyrus of yesterday's dreams
for tomorrow's hopes
we send them down rivers of obscurity
the same rivers which quench the thirst of so many
we pray that perhaps
they shall,
in their misguided lust for that which is liquid,
swallow our ancient texts
these words shall feed their brains variation
putting a halt to the cliche cycle of cool
perhaps we shall give it beginning by giving it an end
as for those who continuously relieve themselves
in our holy water
streams of what they waste
running through our own digestive systems
we await them
with armies set up in the purple fields of disaster
These soldiers have guns that shoot secrets
these secrets have rough hands that pound eardrums
"They say every atom in your body was once a star"
these twisted ladders that send directions in our core were once stellar
Now shackled to jackals
cackling with bright lights
vigorously licking the blood of their hands
so as to get away with the crime
and all I can do is rhyme
all I can do is

Friday, September 17, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 17

On some cool shit...

fingertips play piano on mahogany skin
until you scream the notes
to a symphony of passion
on the inside
you stir
conductor's baton waving
air inhaled sharply
as i tickle your eardrum with my tongue
the horn section
blares loudly
bopping left and right
to the rhythm of your hips
swaying like the cool breeze
that the flutes softly whistle in the background

Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 16

I think I've masturbated in every single room in my house
This week would be the first week I haven't missed a class in my 3 years at Howard University
I have a downward curve in my penis and I wish it looked bigger
I'm skinny as fuck and my feet get ashy fast
I wish I had more hair
I want to be famous
I lie to myself way more than I'll ever admit to myself
Everytime I'm about to have sex with a woman I get as nervous as I did my first time
Which by the way was with one of the ugliest women I've ever seen
She bragged about how good she was at oral sex
And it was horrible
I fucked her in a supermarket bathroom
because I didn't want to come to college a virgin
I've been bullied way more times than I care to admit
I'm terrified of physical confrontation
Once when I was in 6th grade
a boy i considered a friend
slapped me
And I cried
That's it, I just cried
There's a man who owes me $80
$80 that I will never see again
because he says he will not pay me
and I'm scared of him
We almost fought
He faked like he was going to hit me
And I jumped
The 10 people there all laughed at me
Some days I just feel like laying in bed
slipping in and out of consciousness until I can't anymore
then get up and write
and make music
This summer a man stole my television
I had let him borrow it and he said it was stolen
But i found out through someone else he still has it
I've made terrible friendship decisions in college
I'm scared more times than I'm not
The proudest moment of my life was scoring a touchdown
when I was on the neighborhood football team
at age 15
Everyone fucked with me cause I was one of the smallest on the team
I caught an interception and ran it 54 yards back for a touchdown
My dad walked in the stadium just in time to see me catch it
I felt like my heart would burst when I past the goal line
It was an amazing feeling because I knew
that nobody expected shit of me
I scored another one before I left that team
Fuck them.
The coach didn't like me
I almost slept with his daughter
She wanted to fuck
I was a virgin and didn't know what to do
And I fell in love with the bitch
I still have feelings for her to this day
I could see myself as a homosexual if i had been raised differently
I've half-assed everything I've ever done
And I won't admit why to myself
I'm terrified of people laughing at me
So i wear an air of false bravado
I lost a full scholarship to Howard University after my freshman year
I'm a poet
I'm an MC
I don't clean up after myself
I seek mastery of myself
And on that road
I must find peace with everything...
All that is me

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 15

As the wind in the night whistles and blows
it carries the echoes of long dead Negro screams
They've seen beyond this reality right before death
with eyes bulged out of sockets
And as their blood soaked progeny
Swift and fleeting is our memory
We swing to the tunes of fantasies
as we distance ourselves from realizations
of just how easily our four limbs become the extension of trees
dipping our nooses in jewels
we hold our chains up to mirrors
and blind our reflections
instinctively we pull away
subconsciously we remain
giving our children their names
we claim it's only for job security
Pimp our seed out to plantation masters for survival
Teach them to work for another man's dream
A dream which steadily mares our night sky
and in day battles the sun with it's own waves for us to soak in
We sit and let our world spin
into a sad parody of once was
Where love for oneself is just a fad one grows out of once they leave college
Where it's cliche to even say what we were doing before
Where image is more important than action
Because action promises no safety while image
allows us to play hide and no seek with our fear
Well, i've seen the future
and it has danger in it's eyes
With passion filled hands it grabbed me by the throat
Leading me, kicking and screaming, into it's library of thought
Opening books across the floor that reflect the nights sky
I stopped moving once the biggest book was laid flat
The north star glowed in reception of my epiphany
I'm going on
And those who wish to follow me may do so
The road is perilous
But if you yell back to the master
I will make sure you die to silence your treacherous shrieks
This is not a game
Let's find freedom

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 14

Observation Room

Daughter of the Nile
Hair hidden behind the fabric
of her self hatred
She wears it down to her shoulders
keeps her mind shielded from her thoughts
Three small dots
on her nose
As she inhales
they dance slowly in my direction
She smiles
her eyes swim softly
stroking in a threesome with my reflection and fuck
they beam movies of her fantasies into mine
She asks me to undress
Smile lopsided, chest heaving
I comply
The ground meets her knees
As she kneels to take measurements of me
Reading them aloud
to the lady in the red shoes
several paces away
she sits and records
I close my eyes
crossing my arms over my chest
Feeling crucified for my blood lust
In my mind I reach for my notepad
Something to help me release these thoughts
before they thrum the air
reaching foreign eardrums at the speed of sound
and rendering me truly naked
"Put on your clothes"
It's over
The lady with the red watch arises from her station and asks me to follow her
I leave the room and walk down this hallway of dreams
Bright lights fade to nothing and reappear as bright lights
We enter another room
The tv in the corner displays a flashing face
with two strippers dancing it's eyes
It says nothing
Then says, "Nothing"
A man with a bald spot about his right ear walks in
Staring at me with hate bred by competition
he watches
The lady with the red glasses
sits down with a butterfly needle
she taps my soul until a riveting line appears on its surface
it pulses with life
"Hold still", she tells me
the butterfly needle inserts itself into my essence
Cocooning in my core, it transfers hope into a test tube
and worms its way into my heart
To stay.
I arise to walk away
And as I leave
I realize
I've left my fear behind

Monday, September 13, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 13


The city that never sleeps
blinks with eight bright eyes
and eats all its young.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 12

My fingers
Tapping out the rhythmic misses of my existence
Even as I seek to keep its distance
They spread as roots
searching for sustenance
in this world of excess
But reality escapes me
I am but a dream
seen through the lenses
of many streams
of consciousness
something too abstract
to be symbolized
by mortals
And as I walk away
from the doorstep of love
She calls me back
I turn
and her
not knowing what to say
simply places two curved hands together
in the shape of a heart
I smile
and grasp the place
where I've been told mine lies
But my lies stop me from walking to her
And so I proceed on my way
Mind expanding
in compressive manners
Lessening the matter
that amasses in my search
for endarkenment
Love thyself
Love thyself and you will enjoy
the tongue of understanding
As she seeks to suck out
All bad deeds
Taste me.
Lovely how your mind
tickles slowly mine
I find the divine amongst the stars
In awe at how
all my knowledge has been proven wrong
Still strong with persistence
that knocks at the door of mortality
with three bullets to claim its soul
I hold my entire whole with parts that scream
of me

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 11

Calling all
upside down voices
that shake and shiver
Calling all
waves that bend light
All hey's that need fright
Calling all
Highs that love lows
All drunkards that stumble on the wine of life
Calling all
beautiful women
who only make up
their mind
Calling all
Wonderful souls who stand still in the rain
Watching pain
wash away
Calling all
Veins that remain unscathed
Calling all
Calling all fearless
Calling all
aborted children
who bleed with a death unbirthed
Calling all
Calling all
Calling all
Birthers of wonder
Calling all
shudders of pleasure
Calling all
feudal fists
that tremble with the feeling
of poverty
Calling all
lows that love lows because highs are on horizons
Calling all
All missions
that listen to more than
sounds uttered by human mutters
Calling all
Rainbow traces of sight
Souls that stink with the funk of decay
Calling all
The Revolution needs you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 10

Her supple fingers
echo a come hither
as she walks through a closed door
And this is why I keep my love below
Collision hurts
My judgement at its best
And yet
I follow against
And so
I speak no fiction
As our friction makes fire
This flame speaks names
of goddesses unfulfilled
She loves
and leaves something
as she makes her way into me
Breast feeding infinity
with milk turned sour
by too many dames who played games
But in this minute
In this hour
We become time
Our sexualitys entwine
with mines on top
but her's still more higher
Lovely is her last name
How dare I think to befoul her with mine
And yet
As pilgrim fingers touch pure Africana
Her moan
tells me that she is willing
Her kiss tells me that I am not building this tower in vain
That perhaps one day
Her heavenly heart
I will claim...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 9

I move my head
The world moves with my vision
And keeps moving when I stop
Back and forth
Until it settles
three seconds two late
a pendulum
Girlish giggles
and weezing coughs
Fire water
fuels my take off
This smoke brings clouds
to level of ground
And turns it into fog
And in this fog
I see shadows of other lost souls
It feels good
For three seconds
As I turn my head
I'm not alone
by girlish giggles
and weezing coughs
please don't stop
I'm so happy
I could spin
I'm the shit
watch me put my face in the toilet
as I vomit away
my depression
seizing the reason for existence
and fucking it with the finger that doesn't give a fuck
When it comes
I swallow
And gargle
to spit this mouthwash
so when I leave this bathroom
again surrounded
by girlish giggles
and weezing coughs
i'll lose interest for anything real
Because reality is pain
of course
in an effort for pleasure
I drive myself insane

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 8

Lauren Pt. 1

Life was made for days like these
Amazed at our ease
Old man sees
he names us his hippies
Recognition that we were high
and free
but what he didn't understand or see
this boy fighting hard to be a man
this woman who sees his beauty
And I
am but a peasant
offered a king's ruby
lovingly fearful of what this offering could do to me
Sometimes I declare
Let us be his hippies!
Let us become the Earth's love child
if only for a while
Let's draw our fears into a smile
if only for a while
Let's devotedly gaze at this
most amorous painting of now
if only for a while
And though
my inadequacies might end
the beginning of
these stirrings of a love affair
I will never forget
that perfectly beautiful day
Like the hint of a kiss
it still remains
deeply imprinted on the surface of my mind
Life was made for days like these
Days with you and me
like this
like now

Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 7


Destined to become the Sisyphus of my generation
Strain against these insecurities
Shortcomings naturally bestowed upon me
And for every day I feel I get closer
three months pass where
hope sets
leaving me in the night
where all lights are artificially
And so
shivering with the frost of time on my mind
I rest
Weary of staring down my reflection
And fighting the world
Just so I can keep looking
I rest
And yet
This rest
is so very temporarily insignificant
Can I not even remember my sleep state?
Can I not enjoy those precious moments inside my mind?
It seems this isn't to be so..
And I feel this enervation settling in
Becoming cozy amongst the muscles of my mental
Feelings pass like shadows through a fog
But I can't seem to shake
this overbearing underlying
sentiment of fatigue...

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 6


Let's get lost in each other tonight
No worries
That's fear talking
Silence that savage beast
And let's explore
Learning more
our existence
through each other
with one another
let's find heights
and know lows
and classically grip
this massive balance
with each other's spirit
Let's find love
Tear down this wall
of what ifs
and embrace the beauty
of what is
Let's find
new mes
new yous
Let truth through
Because the truth is
I can get lost in all that is you
And I'm scared of how happy
that could make me
Because once you're gone
I'll be
Let's embody spirituality
Create a new religion
just for two
Praying to each other
on knees
tasting truth
Let's kiss skies
and massage the earth
Birth a weightless spaceship
that's crawls through all
Slowly and certainly
never sure of future
but positively blessed
by the gift
of present
Let's present our presence
Till when we imagine our essence
we shake with a message
that's purer
than the darkest black
a mix
of mixtures
get fixed
of upside down birds
who flap in efforts to avoid crashing into the sky
Let's embrace that collision
listen to what others are terrified of missing
Let's evolve
around the stupider aspects of this universe
then intellectually grasp our feelings
and tongue them down until they orgasm
squirting epiphanies into our awaiting mouths
and we shall taste
we shall swallow
we shall ingest
the directions
and allow the nutrients to become our skin
Let's mend and blend our minds
Let's become the makers and creators of our time
Floating like the note
on a rhyme
Let's blast through reality
Hug our insanity together
Let's make
Let's destroy
Let's fall
Let's rise
My Love.
Let our thoughts match our actions
with that
we shall

Saturday, September 4, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 5


Dreamers see men in multi-colors
Where lovers don't fall
They hover

Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 4

This man knew closets
This man knew closets
winter clothes in the summertime
monsters hiding in the imagination of young children
porn magazines and condoms in shoeboxes
hidden from parents who maintain the illusion
that you're too young to know
right around the time when you've discovered
that you're just old enough
to blow
This man knew closets
This man knew closets
because he never knew the lust for a woman's touch
Never pressed for a woman's caress
He desired a more masculine approach
And he felt
Missing the thing
that he thought made him a man
So he hid
This man knew closets
And with his shame
Came anger
He clings so tightly to his fantasy of manhood
that he never manages to grasp
One day
this man met me
And discovering he likes what he sees
He reacts in the only way he knows how
Confrontation is a pleasantry
when running from self reflection
Anything to avoid
this fight within
And I was blinded
I couldn't see his soul
the core that he blocked so readily with a closed fist
And if I could speak to that man candidly today
I'd tell him
I'm sorry
I'm sorry that I wasn't able to recognize
wasn't able to aid
didn't know what to do
in your struggle for sanity
I'm sorry I helped you hinder your growth
with my own clenched fist
Angry at an anger that made no sense to me
Well it does now
This man knew closets
This man knew cold dark fear
And as he ran from himself
he knocked me to the ground
His fight
will never be known
He Will Never Admit
To knowing the deep dark shadows
Glowing within his own soul...

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 3

Running this bath water
It's been a long hour
Painful how the air touches my skin
Even more painful how this truth rubs against my soul
The friction makes me cringe
and beg for fiction
And so I run this bath
Intending to stay as long as life lets me
I turn the faucet off
These lies will do just fine
Dipping my leg into them
I feel the warmth
of my own fantasies caress my leg
so gently..
But I'm starting to notice a catch...
The longer I stay in this tub of deceit
The more I

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 2


I sit here
with my feelings
A bit stale.
They've been locked away far too long.
in a box
Almost forgot the combination.

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 1

So, a friend of mine is writing 30 poems in 30 days and has asked all writers to join her.
Here's Day 1.

"Black Hole"

there's a black hole in the middle of my mind
daily i circle it
eyes wide with something too close to love to be called fear
trying to avoid
this inevitable darkness
inch by inch i get closer
like slow sex
but without the passion
only in moments
when drug induced vision
allows me to look and see light
i upchuck my fright
and end up right back in the same plight
there's a black hole in the middle of my mind
in it lies the questions of my existence
the blessings I find myself missing
sometimes i listen
and I swear I hear in it
my voice
yelling in a whisper
barely audible
that I have something so powerful
that it can change change.
There's a black hole in the middle of my mind
Everytime I get too close
I lose reality
Slipping into uncertainty
Until I find an epiphany to grab onto
and help myself
pull myself out with it
There's a black hole in the middle of my mind
And I would stay on the outskirts all the time
If I wasn't so damn sure
that at the epicenter of that black hole
Lives a