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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fuck Wayne's Lying Ass

"The World In My Head" Pt. I

Recently, it seems like everything I do fucks up. I'm fast becoming an habitual and seemingly professional fuck-shit upper, or as I like to call it, fucker-upper (has a nicer ring to it, sounds like something a little kinky, and I am a fan of kinky..even when that bitch ignores my calls).

I've invested my time in shit that's fell through, most of the people I've incorporated in my life don't matter to me and don't give a shit about me... I'm beginning to suspect that secretly they've been plotting my demise.
I'm either on the verge of an epiphany, a breakdown...
Or I'm showing symptoms of schizophrenia.
Either way, something's up.

So I've decided to fall back on my ego. But to the extreme.
Sounds like a Pokemon.
Or the name of Freud's son.
I am God.
That's right you fucks. The creator of all things is....
Now I know what you might be thinking right now... So shut the fuck up. Nobody asked you. You don't matter. I'm God.
I am the creator of all I see, hear, taste.. You know.. sense and shit. There is nobody but me. All of you are merely the creation of my very powerful will and imagination. I was lonely. So, I decided to create you fucks. Now knowing that having puppets would do nothing for my loneliness, I made it so that all of you act seemingly independent of my will. And to convince myself, I made myself forget that I was God. But, in the words of one of my more brilliant creations, I've "misunderestimated" myself. So I've remembered.
Thank God/Me!
Being worried about what you think all the time was getting extremely bothersome. I had to figure out how to live amongst you and matter to you. Now none of that matters. It's like a breast of fresh air, a fuckload off my shoulders.

God smiles on you today.

You see I've been assuming this whole time that I am like you.

I've assumed that because you all die. I, too, will one day die.

But now I have nothing to worry about. Why worry about something that I can never know? ... Something that just doesn't exist to me.


Yep, that's right... Not. At. All.

I'm free. And it feels good. And Yes..

You should be scared.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Dutch Master Scripts

First I'd like to apologize to my audience for not finishing the #30Days30Poemas movement, I will as soon as time allows..
I've begun memorizing some of my poems for an audition to perform with Saul Williams and Amiri Baraka in the Howard Homecoming Poetry Cipher. The audition is this thursday.. Wish me luck!

This post is dedicated to something different. Last semester, a friend of mine, in true collegiate spirit, passed out a brochure of sorts (more like an essay in the three column brochure form).. It read as follows:

"The African American, excuse me negro female is the (often unknowing but many times aware) ardent ally of the white supremacist campaign to weaken the condition of the 'African' man. She is all too often the virulent, insidious, enemy from within while the overt, vigilant forces attack in concert from without. I am aware that this is a sweeping indictment of 'her' with straight talk. But the salvation of the African man comes from his self-redemption and his total amputation from the (deliberate quotes) Negress and the gangrene decaying of his masculinity that she represents. Now notice I have defined my terms specifically. The African female and the Negro female are 2 separate entities. So do not be alarmed. My position is overwhelmingly grounded in reality. The Negro female makes statements like the following 'Some people gotta sleep with some people just to get money, but why should I sleep with you if I can get money from you otherwise.' The value system of the Negro woman is apparent; avariciously acquisitive, malevolently materialistic, soul drainingly self-interested, and nastily narcissitic. The African woman in her proper form is quite a different creature (regardless of her geographic origins). Most notably she does not believe that a man is only what she can consume of him and from him. He is much more. (He is a MAN) The African man is much more. He is a man with a soul independent of most western norms. He is not defined by the human properties of slavishness and stupidity so well exhibited by the negro man. The negro man and woman should be together so they can destroy themselves in righteous genocide to the benefit of true Africans, the true black people. I tell men that they key is to get grounded in principles. "If a woman does not have solid ethnic ties, don't fuck with her!" It is evident from the divorce rates and the non-marriage statistics amongst negro women. 74% of negro women will never get married. It is their natural fate. They get guys locked up, divorce and despoil them, betray and beguile them. The African woman does not do this (at least not to a single degree in that frequency). The negro woman is often not satisfied to partner with a man. She must imprison or enslave him, or abandon and reject him. She often has no true loyalty to a loyalist; no ethical framework of any worth. She can be said to have pseudohumanity, for she has mind/biology but a very undeveloped soul (as the Jill Scotts' of this hemisphere might have). The problem is that men who acquiesce this are divided by the archaic idea that (all) females are delicate (in this environment). As black people, our men are vulnerable to no avail and no response by and because of our often alleged 'partners', but look at the lock up rates. Black (Negro women) are the parties that get 'niggas' locked up on false charges, despoil them in divorces, and institute or reinforce restraining orders to the satisfaction of the 'other' man, at the expense of our community. Where are our Michelle Obamas that would date us at higher levels even with holes in the floors of our cars? Where are our Assata Shakurs? They have been replaced by T&A dolls, obsessed with conspicuous consumption and machinations of bubble headed popular culture and fashion. These are our wives! Hell no, is what I say! Rebel against the agents the white man has made us think we must breed with and cater to. The Black man of Africa is the head of his home (literally). The American black man cannot speak the same of himself. Why? The answer is that his woman is a mercenary looking out for herself (most) often times. She is sexually disloyal, morally inept, as far as virginity is concerned, naturally inapplicable. She is often a harlot that pretends to be a wife, often to the detriment of a loyal man. In her self interest you can see the areas that she helps the 'other' man demasculate US. She is his partner! But not the true African woman, No! She is the stalwart of her community and the advocate of her man. The 'Negress' wears clothes to entice the sinful nature of a man so that she can engage in her duplicitous prostitution with impunity, because several blank minds in charge of penis' have ratified her. It is time to stop! We must now as Africans embrace women of communal, moral character. My friends, I have a solution. From my extroverted point of view, it's too late for the army of prostitutes of our kind. The values of community are more often than not determined by its women. So 'if a man could f*** a woman in a cardboard box, he wouldn't buy a house!' is true in this paradigm. Negresses love find fabrics, jewelry, luxury and spacious estates. That's how they assess and value a man. An African woman wants good tangibles too, however her first priority is to find a man that is pious, loyal, integral (familial), truthful, and philosophical for she knows that the tangibles will flow from there. She does not believe 'he is' those things is the fundamental difference. So this is the declaration; Any man seeking a good woman should acquire himself a passport and seek the bevy of beauty in Beirut, Dakar, or darker in the Lagosian metropolis of Lagos, the many maidens of mainland or coastal Morocco, or even in Maranhao, Brazil. There are so many more sisters of our lovely race on this planet than the degenerates the white man has produced for us as monopolistic xx chromosomes. 'Seek and you will find', unless you're a male negro in which in that case I encourage you to seek negresses as brides so that your destruction can at least bring about the process of elimination. The African American women of old have long faded from the scene and now all I can try to do is uplift my brothers and (true African) sisters. Any woman who is a true African in her soul, "please treat her right" is my word to my brothers. To the haranguing harlots of Howard, I especially wish that you get what you deserve.
Gratsi Dr. Zero"

Comments and questions are welcome. Let's have some discourse about this matter.