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Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 6


Let's get lost in each other tonight
No worries
That's fear talking
Silence that savage beast
And let's explore
Learning more
our existence
through each other
with one another
let's find heights
and know lows
and classically grip
this massive balance
with each other's spirit
Let's find love
Tear down this wall
of what ifs
and embrace the beauty
of what is
Let's find
new mes
new yous
Let truth through
Because the truth is
I can get lost in all that is you
And I'm scared of how happy
that could make me
Because once you're gone
I'll be
Let's embody spirituality
Create a new religion
just for two
Praying to each other
on knees
tasting truth
Let's kiss skies
and massage the earth
Birth a weightless spaceship
that's crawls through all
Slowly and certainly
never sure of future
but positively blessed
by the gift
of present
Let's present our presence
Till when we imagine our essence
we shake with a message
that's purer
than the darkest black
a mix
of mixtures
get fixed
of upside down birds
who flap in efforts to avoid crashing into the sky
Let's embrace that collision
listen to what others are terrified of missing
Let's evolve
around the stupider aspects of this universe
then intellectually grasp our feelings
and tongue them down until they orgasm
squirting epiphanies into our awaiting mouths
and we shall taste
we shall swallow
we shall ingest
the directions
and allow the nutrients to become our skin
Let's mend and blend our minds
Let's become the makers and creators of our time
Floating like the note
on a rhyme
Let's blast through reality
Hug our insanity together
Let's make
Let's destroy
Let's fall
Let's rise
My Love.
Let our thoughts match our actions
with that
we shall


  1. *snaps* wow... this is my favorite so far.. love it

  2. thank you ma'am. Glad you enjoyed it.