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Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 4

This man knew closets
This man knew closets
winter clothes in the summertime
monsters hiding in the imagination of young children
porn magazines and condoms in shoeboxes
hidden from parents who maintain the illusion
that you're too young to know
right around the time when you've discovered
that you're just old enough
to blow
This man knew closets
This man knew closets
because he never knew the lust for a woman's touch
Never pressed for a woman's caress
He desired a more masculine approach
And he felt
Missing the thing
that he thought made him a man
So he hid
This man knew closets
And with his shame
Came anger
He clings so tightly to his fantasy of manhood
that he never manages to grasp
One day
this man met me
And discovering he likes what he sees
He reacts in the only way he knows how
Confrontation is a pleasantry
when running from self reflection
Anything to avoid
this fight within
And I was blinded
I couldn't see his soul
the core that he blocked so readily with a closed fist
And if I could speak to that man candidly today
I'd tell him
I'm sorry
I'm sorry that I wasn't able to recognize
wasn't able to aid
didn't know what to do
in your struggle for sanity
I'm sorry I helped you hinder your growth
with my own clenched fist
Angry at an anger that made no sense to me
Well it does now
This man knew closets
This man knew cold dark fear
And as he ran from himself
he knocked me to the ground
His fight
will never be known
He Will Never Admit
To knowing the deep dark shadows
Glowing within his own soul...


  1. Thanks! Ya'll have been keeping me on my toes with this.. I love that I'm writing with other dope poets.