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Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 18

"And their eyes change as they learn to see through flames
And their necks crane as they turn to pray for rain.."

Writing prayers on the papyrus of yesterday's dreams
for tomorrow's hopes
we send them down rivers of obscurity
the same rivers which quench the thirst of so many
we pray that perhaps
they shall,
in their misguided lust for that which is liquid,
swallow our ancient texts
these words shall feed their brains variation
putting a halt to the cliche cycle of cool
perhaps we shall give it beginning by giving it an end
as for those who continuously relieve themselves
in our holy water
streams of what they waste
running through our own digestive systems
we await them
with armies set up in the purple fields of disaster
These soldiers have guns that shoot secrets
these secrets have rough hands that pound eardrums
"They say every atom in your body was once a star"
these twisted ladders that send directions in our core were once stellar
Now shackled to jackals
cackling with bright lights
vigorously licking the blood of their hands
so as to get away with the crime
and all I can do is rhyme
all I can do is

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