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Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 9

I move my head
The world moves with my vision
And keeps moving when I stop
Back and forth
Until it settles
three seconds two late
a pendulum
Girlish giggles
and weezing coughs
Fire water
fuels my take off
This smoke brings clouds
to level of ground
And turns it into fog
And in this fog
I see shadows of other lost souls
It feels good
For three seconds
As I turn my head
I'm not alone
by girlish giggles
and weezing coughs
please don't stop
I'm so happy
I could spin
I'm the shit
watch me put my face in the toilet
as I vomit away
my depression
seizing the reason for existence
and fucking it with the finger that doesn't give a fuck
When it comes
I swallow
And gargle
to spit this mouthwash
so when I leave this bathroom
again surrounded
by girlish giggles
and weezing coughs
i'll lose interest for anything real
Because reality is pain
of course
in an effort for pleasure
I drive myself insane

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