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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 15

As the wind in the night whistles and blows
it carries the echoes of long dead Negro screams
They've seen beyond this reality right before death
with eyes bulged out of sockets
And as their blood soaked progeny
Swift and fleeting is our memory
We swing to the tunes of fantasies
as we distance ourselves from realizations
of just how easily our four limbs become the extension of trees
dipping our nooses in jewels
we hold our chains up to mirrors
and blind our reflections
instinctively we pull away
subconsciously we remain
giving our children their names
we claim it's only for job security
Pimp our seed out to plantation masters for survival
Teach them to work for another man's dream
A dream which steadily mares our night sky
and in day battles the sun with it's own waves for us to soak in
We sit and let our world spin
into a sad parody of once was
Where love for oneself is just a fad one grows out of once they leave college
Where it's cliche to even say what we were doing before
Where image is more important than action
Because action promises no safety while image
allows us to play hide and no seek with our fear
Well, i've seen the future
and it has danger in it's eyes
With passion filled hands it grabbed me by the throat
Leading me, kicking and screaming, into it's library of thought
Opening books across the floor that reflect the nights sky
I stopped moving once the biggest book was laid flat
The north star glowed in reception of my epiphany
I'm going on
And those who wish to follow me may do so
The road is perilous
But if you yell back to the master
I will make sure you die to silence your treacherous shrieks
This is not a game
Let's find freedom

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