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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 14

Observation Room

Daughter of the Nile
Hair hidden behind the fabric
of her self hatred
She wears it down to her shoulders
keeps her mind shielded from her thoughts
Three small dots
on her nose
As she inhales
they dance slowly in my direction
She smiles
her eyes swim softly
stroking in a threesome with my reflection and fuck
they beam movies of her fantasies into mine
She asks me to undress
Smile lopsided, chest heaving
I comply
The ground meets her knees
As she kneels to take measurements of me
Reading them aloud
to the lady in the red shoes
several paces away
she sits and records
I close my eyes
crossing my arms over my chest
Feeling crucified for my blood lust
In my mind I reach for my notepad
Something to help me release these thoughts
before they thrum the air
reaching foreign eardrums at the speed of sound
and rendering me truly naked
"Put on your clothes"
It's over
The lady with the red watch arises from her station and asks me to follow her
I leave the room and walk down this hallway of dreams
Bright lights fade to nothing and reappear as bright lights
We enter another room
The tv in the corner displays a flashing face
with two strippers dancing it's eyes
It says nothing
Then says, "Nothing"
A man with a bald spot about his right ear walks in
Staring at me with hate bred by competition
he watches
The lady with the red glasses
sits down with a butterfly needle
she taps my soul until a riveting line appears on its surface
it pulses with life
"Hold still", she tells me
the butterfly needle inserts itself into my essence
Cocooning in my core, it transfers hope into a test tube
and worms its way into my heart
To stay.
I arise to walk away
And as I leave
I realize
I've left my fear behind

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