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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 8

Lauren Pt. 1

Life was made for days like these
Amazed at our ease
Old man sees
he names us his hippies
Recognition that we were high
and free
but what he didn't understand or see
this boy fighting hard to be a man
this woman who sees his beauty
And I
am but a peasant
offered a king's ruby
lovingly fearful of what this offering could do to me
Sometimes I declare
Let us be his hippies!
Let us become the Earth's love child
if only for a while
Let's draw our fears into a smile
if only for a while
Let's devotedly gaze at this
most amorous painting of now
if only for a while
And though
my inadequacies might end
the beginning of
these stirrings of a love affair
I will never forget
that perfectly beautiful day
Like the hint of a kiss
it still remains
deeply imprinted on the surface of my mind
Life was made for days like these
Days with you and me
like this
like now

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