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Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 10

Her supple fingers
echo a come hither
as she walks through a closed door
And this is why I keep my love below
Collision hurts
My judgement at its best
And yet
I follow against
And so
I speak no fiction
As our friction makes fire
This flame speaks names
of goddesses unfulfilled
She loves
and leaves something
as she makes her way into me
Breast feeding infinity
with milk turned sour
by too many dames who played games
But in this minute
In this hour
We become time
Our sexualitys entwine
with mines on top
but her's still more higher
Lovely is her last name
How dare I think to befoul her with mine
And yet
As pilgrim fingers touch pure Africana
Her moan
tells me that she is willing
Her kiss tells me that I am not building this tower in vain
That perhaps one day
Her heavenly heart
I will claim...

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