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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

since i haven't given a verse in a while .

i see,
wombs that i'm growing in
flowing from an everlasting source
that aborts
a different kind of rhythm
wait..listen .
listen to what?
your blood glistening guts?
they call for another and another
watch the hunger make me squeeze from the emptiness
singing in a symphony of difference and similar
with same under it all
the one and the many, as above so below
shut the fuck up and watch how it's insane how you know
how you know who you're dealing with
you listen now but feeling shit
from the day before and the day before
in that way you ignore
the things they doing, misconstruing dreams
so it seems
that reality survives in the seams of your vision
and i would like to take this time to thank you for assisting
in my verse
by going through the purse of your fallacies
and laughing cause you're probably still mad at me ..

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Sonnet for Alia

Dear Muriel Alia Solomons,

'ere her sacred shadow lies cast down by the groom
The light by which we all should search reflected in the moon
Such seeking is no more than glance and glance where we begin
And I no more than seed of plant that has and knows no end
Oh Alia, dear Alia if all were right and fair
Then love would drip into your eyes befall'n from your hair
And all would sing the tunes that match the walk that is your dance
And silence would become so loud it fills the world with chance
But as it is when darkness falls we mourn when morning's due
Not knowing, nay not feeling, there's no me, no she, no you
The trees have told me secrets, the cold has shown me death
And all these natural wonders find solace in your breath
So my dear, whene'r you feel your heart has turned to stone
Know that life has writ' you this and you're never, ever alone

Best Regards,
Gideon Wyldflower

something pulled me inwards .

Okay, so usually I'd think this kind of thing would come off as creepy, so I wouldn't do it even if I wanted to.. But two things about your profile changed my mind; your name, Experiencer is an amazing name and so brilliantly simple and new, and your hair color.. you've had pink hair once, which makes you awesome. I want you to know that. You're awesome. And those things made me go against my better judgement, and perhaps my fear of how I'd be perceived by you, and send this message. I would certainly like to meet for coffee. friends call me Gideon. You may call me what you wish. And I very much look forward, like a maiden looking out the window of her dragon guarded castle, to hearing from you. Until then, peace & balance. Gideon