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Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 25

Self-awareness is a bitch
The little man looked into the ocean's reflective guise
He sighed and tossed a rock
disrupting the gaze he held with himself
Self-awareness is a bitch
If he looked closely the little man could still see traces of the little boy
He loved that little boy
The little boy knew love
The little boy looked fear in the face
pulled up it's shirt
and gave it the most awesome
raspberry ever..
That little boy was someone to look up to
Now all the little man sees
is ....
a little man,
a little man that made all heads
take a sharp decline
as they sought to make quick eye contact
then turn away with disgust
The little man knew why they looked away
His existence told a story
It told the story of the little boy
And everyone knew of the little boy
They knew him personally
Sometimes he let them call him
The little man remembered vividly the day
the little boy died
It was the day he realized
when he imagined
when he perceived
that he was not in the least bit

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