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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


show afflictions
so i stay away from mirrors.
Dont want to think about corrections
So ignorance is my protection.
But how do you avoid the bouncing of light refractions
I subtract myself and multiply everone else
Add a little Gucci, what society accepts
Divide that by the max number of times I'm alone
A little arithmetic
and my face is no longer my own.
So when mirrors come as mirrors tend to do.
I'll show them the same
And mirrors we'll be two.


Stars When You Shine; You Know How I Feel

There are certain things that give me hope.
The knowledge that...
Everday is an opportunity for something new, something different.
In 100 years nearly everyone who is alive today will have passed. Leaving a new generation in it's place. It's almost like the Earth takes a bath, and washes away the grime and dirt to be born anew.
I need to stop waiting for something to happen to me that will make my life meaningful, and go out and make it meaningful myself. That's the hope that a new day brings...


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes-No Effect


Ya'll have it rough.

Let me Explain...

See, I like females. I like interacting with females. I like getting close to females. And I especially like getting sexual with females.

They seem to like it too. They seem to like it alot.

But society says, that's not acceptable. Apparently, some female somewhere who had the respect of others, said one day, "I am a good girl". And then handed out a gigantic bag of lying shxt, on what being a "good" girl entailed.

"I do not have sex." -Lie

"I do not want sex" -EvenBiggerLie

"I don't even think about sex." -So, you see where this is going.

You see, it's not "lady-like" to have multiple sex partners, or even one before marriage. A woman is supposed to "save" herself for marriage. This started because alot of men are insecure themselves, especially when it comes to sex, and like for their wives to have fucked noone but them. Women are taught this at an early age.

Then puberty hits. And it hits Hard.

You start getting wet.

And start feeling pecularly good when you see a certain someone, or someones for that matter.

SO at this age, when everything in you is telling you to fuck your brains out, society is telling you it's not acceptable.

Thus arises the "yes-no" effect.

So when a female is approached by a male, she has to fight herself. Because while everything inside is screaming, YES!!!. She has been conditioned by society to say no. At times this can become exasperating for the male, i.e. me, so I can only imagine how ya'll must feel.

I was once with a female who told me at the beginning of the night that we were absolutely not having sex. The same night, she ended up telling me how bad she wanted to fuck.

It's an interesting conundrum and it's really a shame that ya'll feel the need to have it. It's perfectly understandable though. Any girl that goes against the "no" of society is immediately and without question called out by other females, as a "ho". And the reason for that is because females feel that if they don't label said female as a ho, they will in turn be under question themselves.
One Important Thing for Females Under the Yes-No Effect:
I'm going to say this with tact first, and then for the slow learners, I guess I have to be blunt.
Tact: I understand that the yes-no effect makes you play with your food before you eat it. But, if you play too long, the food gets cold.
Blunt: If you take too long to decide whether or not you're going to fuck or not, or if you have already decided but feel the need to pretend otherwise, the guy WILL lose his erection. It's natural and it...sucks.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Life is like climbing a seemingly endless ladder, without knowing what's at the end or even when the end is coming. The only thing we know for sure about the journey up this ladder is that there is something deep inside of us that doesn't want to stop climbing. So we climb...
through the haze and the clouds,
we climb.
Through the doubt and confusion,
we climb.
Through the pain and fatigue,
we climb.
I recently reached a part in my life where I was caught in a stalemate. I wondered at the purpose of my life. This was caused by my first semester in college. I was having trouble keeping myself motivated and I wondered why I was even doing the whole "higher" education thing. I had, and still to some degree have, no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I soon discovered that I wasn't the only one facing this conundrum. This set my mind at ease. The fact that most people have no purpose. The only thing I know for sure is that I want to keep living..for as long as I possibly can. College and the things offered with it have the potential to help me in this aspect. It isn't a brave crusade or a noble purpose but it was enough to get me on track. And maybe that's all I need for now...



Chemistry has sort of changed my view of the world. You hear learning is a beautiful thing and knowledge is power so much that it has become a cliche. To a certain extent, however, nothing can be truer. In chemistry you learn that everything around you is really the interaction between tiny negative particles. It gives you sort of a mystical feeling, thinking that if you go deep enough, everything looks the same. Past atoms, past sub-atomic particles..and you get what's called quarks. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to see the whole world in quarks. Everything would be in constant ever-flowing motion. I think, that's what God is. The oneness, if that's a word, of everything. Something so beyond human understanding.
We never actually see anything. What we "see" is the light bouncing off of objects, that's where we get colors from, different light waves on the spectrum are bounce off different objects. So we perceive things in light waves. That's how we understand the world. So, we never truly see a wall, or a car, we see the light bouncing off of it.
Also, most of an atom, the fundemental building block of matter, is actually empty space (between electrons). We never actually "touch" anything. The sense of touch is actually the repulsion between electrons, negatively charged particles. There are just so many complex things to think about.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Inevitability of a Selfish Mind

It's funny how I start a blog right when I realize that NOBODY cares what I think. Or what you think for that matter.