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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've written so many different works since the last time I've been on this blogging site. So, I'll be putting them up tonight, if i don't fall asleep first. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Thanks


New Post, New Poem.. Enjoy.

I would very much like to meet you
like our eyes constantly do.
and i mean that...
because i understand
we could be great
and to be great is to be misunderstood
see i can tell
just from the way that last time
your eyes, whatever they were doing
they left
to gaze in mind
that we'd be right
not perfect
no... definitely not perfect
cause that's what life is
searching for perfection
and finding right.
yes, our right
it would have to be private
not that there would be anything wrong
with the thoughts you'd provoke
nor the words that we'd share
and definitely not the actions
the sweet
that drives both our bitterness right off the cliff of passion
there'd be nothing wrong with that
there is something wrong with
the people
the others who would see our touch
would catch our stolen glances
and send us back to our individual prisons
"hey, hey baby don't listen to them, they're still looking for perfection"
yes i can see it now
it would probably be a mix of love and hate
that would drive our love away
that is
we aren't discreet...