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Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 16

I think I've masturbated in every single room in my house
This week would be the first week I haven't missed a class in my 3 years at Howard University
I have a downward curve in my penis and I wish it looked bigger
I'm skinny as fuck and my feet get ashy fast
I wish I had more hair
I want to be famous
I lie to myself way more than I'll ever admit to myself
Everytime I'm about to have sex with a woman I get as nervous as I did my first time
Which by the way was with one of the ugliest women I've ever seen
She bragged about how good she was at oral sex
And it was horrible
I fucked her in a supermarket bathroom
because I didn't want to come to college a virgin
I've been bullied way more times than I care to admit
I'm terrified of physical confrontation
Once when I was in 6th grade
a boy i considered a friend
slapped me
And I cried
That's it, I just cried
There's a man who owes me $80
$80 that I will never see again
because he says he will not pay me
and I'm scared of him
We almost fought
He faked like he was going to hit me
And I jumped
The 10 people there all laughed at me
Some days I just feel like laying in bed
slipping in and out of consciousness until I can't anymore
then get up and write
and make music
This summer a man stole my television
I had let him borrow it and he said it was stolen
But i found out through someone else he still has it
I've made terrible friendship decisions in college
I'm scared more times than I'm not
The proudest moment of my life was scoring a touchdown
when I was on the neighborhood football team
at age 15
Everyone fucked with me cause I was one of the smallest on the team
I caught an interception and ran it 54 yards back for a touchdown
My dad walked in the stadium just in time to see me catch it
I felt like my heart would burst when I past the goal line
It was an amazing feeling because I knew
that nobody expected shit of me
I scored another one before I left that team
Fuck them.
The coach didn't like me
I almost slept with his daughter
She wanted to fuck
I was a virgin and didn't know what to do
And I fell in love with the bitch
I still have feelings for her to this day
I could see myself as a homosexual if i had been raised differently
I've half-assed everything I've ever done
And I won't admit why to myself
I'm terrified of people laughing at me
So i wear an air of false bravado
I lost a full scholarship to Howard University after my freshman year
I'm a poet
I'm an MC
I don't clean up after myself
I seek mastery of myself
And on that road
I must find peace with everything...
All that is me