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Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Days 30 Poemas:: Day 11

Calling all
upside down voices
that shake and shiver
Calling all
waves that bend light
All hey's that need fright
Calling all
Highs that love lows
All drunkards that stumble on the wine of life
Calling all
beautiful women
who only make up
their mind
Calling all
Wonderful souls who stand still in the rain
Watching pain
wash away
Calling all
Veins that remain unscathed
Calling all
Calling all fearless
Calling all
aborted children
who bleed with a death unbirthed
Calling all
Calling all
Calling all
Birthers of wonder
Calling all
shudders of pleasure
Calling all
feudal fists
that tremble with the feeling
of poverty
Calling all
lows that love lows because highs are on horizons
Calling all
All missions
that listen to more than
sounds uttered by human mutters
Calling all
Rainbow traces of sight
Souls that stink with the funk of decay
Calling all
The Revolution needs you.

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