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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Lyrical Thrust Into The (Blac)est Heart of Modern Darkness: The MixTape

Ladies and gentleman,
After an unavoidable attack, of which I am the undisputed victor, I present...

brought to you by the free and enslaved personas of myself,

Mr. Blac Garner

Either click the title above or feel free to download Here.

Or if you're into the whole datpiff thingie and want to listen without downloading,
here's the datpiff link. Here.

1. Welcome Home Kiddies
2. High Ya!
3. Highs are Low
4. Top Hats & Heels
5. InterMuse-- HipHop
6. Zombies
7. Drop (Freestyle)
8. InterMuse-- Night Falls & Star Child
9. Untitled II: A Pink Sunset
10. The Epic Battle Between Fear & Love
11. Da Art of Storytellin', Pt. 5
12. Not Alone
13. The DropOut's Last Symphony
14. Sunshine of the Spotless Rhymes
15. Nostrand: The Tale of Billy Blac
16. The Ants Below
17. Ain't No Sunshine: Futuristic Presence
18. Outer Space

My hands are literally shaking, I'm so excited.
If you like it, tell everyone.
Your mother, your father, that annoying kid you see on the bus everyday, the guy you buy coffee from who obviously hates his job, EVERYONE.

Tell them about this.
It's almost fucking magical.

You're Welcome.

Sincerely Mine,

Blac Garner

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