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Thursday, January 27, 2011

...back up

ay listen
i had a dream i was fucking you while holding you down
and you would scream with the passion of a 1000 rounds
shot from the sun
automatically spraying innocent ones
who've yet to enter into positions
upon this battlefield
fuck it
i don't expect you to understand
this man with a plan
that's too big to hide inside his hands
it's leaking
tears from the roots
while the leaves whistle with the wind's secrets
my what strange fruit
dangle from these southern trees
while birds in v's
catch northern breezes and fly by
turn the noose around and straighten my tie
i'm late for work
you start to shake and go berserk
now punish that ass
whip to change
i am man in this chain of command
who you fucking with bitch
66 6's crowd around and tell me I should
bust on that ass
but you strut as you pass
quite heavenly
i guess these metaphors are quite rhetorical
especially since my oracle just turned seventy
missing the peak was the hardest
so she turned around and started
giving head like an artist
paint me paint me paint me
i laughed as i painted she
then made her psychic
took a bite of the "right thing to do"
and didn't like it
the apple of my eve
just woke up
and now i'm back up
putting needles on the vinyl
and injecting lyrics to my mind so
even wearing this blindfold
i'll smile
and the sun will make my eyes glow
cause all this shit is a
simply simply
a motherfucking

and i'm a motherfucking psycho

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    You're cold son.