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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have You Gone Trippy?

Everybody does drugs.

There is no such thing as a bad word.

I don't lie to children.

I have to lie to adults. Self-defense. But a child poses no threat. There's no way I can rationalize lying to them.

A man once told me that it takes thousands of years for the images of the stars to get to our sky. What we are seeing is the delayed images of the stars. Because they're so far away, the light takes years to travel to the receptors that we call eyes.
Now think.
The whole world is like that.
What you see is really just light bouncing off of an object. The light takes time to bounce off that object and travel to your own receptors. Sure that time may be infinitesimal, but it still takes time.
At the same time, there are millions of reactions occurring around us ALL the time. No one thing is the same as it was. Ever. Look at yourself in the mirror.. Then look again. You are looking at two different people.

You understand what this means?

We are always looking in the past. Everything we see has already happened. We're just receiving it as we see it.

There is no present. There is only past and future.

Act accordingly.

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