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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Tragic Beginning of "A Lyrical Thrust Into The (Blac)est Heart of Modern Darkness: The MixTape"

My dear esteemed colleagues,

It is with the utmost regret that I sit here typing this on the eve of a new dawn. Things are exploding all around me and it's making my head hurt and my hands shake. I sincerely hope Blac Garner gets his art back without being killed in the process..

But perhaps I shall start this story from the beginning.

It seems that, because of his lack of experience, Blac Garner has had to trust too many people with his project, "A Lyrical Thrust Into The (Blac)est Heart of Modern Darkness: The Mixtape". I believe he has referred to said people as his "many midget minions of Man Research." They have helped him do what he could not on his own. Developing the laboratories of Man Research, mixing and mastering his sound, tweaking the music so that it gives the eardrums a most delectable twang. This freed Blac up to do what he does best.


And now it seems that, in this final hour of creation, some of the minions, in an effort to perhaps glean more money from the already desperately broke musician's pockets, have stolen the 18 mp3s to "A Lyrical Thrust Into The (Blac)est Heart of Modern Darkness: The Mixtape"!

We should have kept back-up files.

Crazies and gentlewomen, the factory above my head has been turned into a warzone as our Hero battles with the forces of gluttony and selfish pride to retrieve his artwork in time. This battle has quite literally split Man Research into two sides.

The Have-Nots and the Want-Mores.


I'm sorry. It just breaks my fucking heart to have to even tell this story. But it must be done.

Blac Garner was only given the mastered .m4a formatted tracks, with the promise that the mp3s were to come shortly. He has been so busy working on his next project, trusting his minions to successfully carry out their work, that he has neglected to stay on top of them. Granted, he shouldn't have to. A job is a job, especially when money is involved. Perhaps these crooked Want-Mores are so terribly evil because I understand there is a part of them that lives in all of us.

But I digress. I was starting to ramble. And I must finish this before the power goes out.

There is a war going on upstairs. Hopefully Blac Garner can get his mixtape back so that you all will be able to hear it shortly.

Now I will busy myself with the disappointing task of making sure that even if he loses this battle, his story is told.

I am not a man of God. I'd much rather be a man of Me. But in this instance, I will pray on it.

With new fears and new tears in the New Years,
Gideon C. Wildflower

I have the m4a files. I am unable to upload them to a file sharing site as they are not mp3s or wav files. But I will email them to anyone who responds to this post with their email. Maybe you all can help this man's voice be heard. Thank you in advance. I love all of you.

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