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Monday, December 6, 2010

Dream: A Journey and a Priestess

Hello World of Wonders, Mothers, and Human Mutters.

I had a dream. So I shared it with a muse of mine in Ghana. Now I want to share it with you. Here is the email I sent.

I already forgot how it started. But for some reason I was following something. I can't remember what exactly but I remember that the journey started out on a football field during a game. I just walked off and started following something. Then I got in a chair. My brother was there with me and sat beside me. He was asking me a whole lot of questions like where was I going and why did I leave. I didn't know the answer. I just felt something that told me to go where I was headed. So the two chairs start moving. We travel along the highway, travel along some body of water and then come to a subway. The chairs take us into the train and start moving towards the back of the train. I can feel that my brother is as scared as I am. Moving chairs aren't normal and there are a lot of different people on the train. I remember I stopped by one lady. She was obviously either crazy or homeless. But she smiled at me. She was missing some teeth. And she was reading. She tried to reach across me to get another book that was on my other side but I flinched and she stopped. Then the chair kept moving. At one point I left my brother. The chair got caught up in some wires. I ended up getting off at a stop because I saw two offices. One read priest and the other read priestess. The chair wasn't moving anymore but I wasn't sure if that was because I was supposed to be here or because it had gotten caught up in some wires. I left my brother behind to check the offices. I checked in the priestess office and my "Contemporary Black Poetry" teacher from last semester was in there. I didn't want to go in there. She had given me a C.. I deserved a worse grade but I always got the feeling that she had a little thing for me. She wasn't unattractive for a 40-50 something year old woman. But I didn't want to talk to someone familiar. So I checked the priest office but nobody was in there. I ended up going in the priestess office. She asked me about a textbook that I had "found"... I told her I didn't know what happened to it. Then we started talking about why I was there. I told her a chair had taken me to places where I had murdered people and then onto a train that brought me here. I told her that I wasn't sure if this was the last stop though and I needed her to help me get back on track. She wanted me to prove that I was dealing with an unseen force. I thought that was a waste of time and I didn't expect her to do that. She pulled out a poetry book, covered my eyes, and asked me to recite one of the poems... as a test. The words came to me easily...I had never read the poem and I cannot remember what it said now. Because in the dream I forgot the words immediately once I tried to tell them to her. I couldn't. Then for some reason she had a blindfold on. And she kept changing into this young woman ( about 20 )... I don't know who she was. But I kissed her. She was astonished and asked me never to talk about that with anyone. I either woke up at this point or I can't remember how the dream ended. Have you ever waken up and tried to finish a dream in your conscious thoughts? ... I found myself doing that and all the endings I came up with ended with violence. I don't know why and I don't understand any of it. "

I still don't understand it.

Dreamers made this world,
Blac Garner

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