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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Lyrical Thrust Into The (Blac)est Heart of Modern Darkness: The Mixtape

Fighters, Lovers, and Lickers of Others... Welcome.
Gideon Wildflower speaking.

Our dearly retarded friend, Blac Garner, in a most sincere form of incredible selfishness, may have just created a masterpiece.

I use the term very loosely.

For what is a masterpiece? ... Was the work of Vincent Van Gogh a collection of masterpieces before he received recognition? ... Or did it only become a masterpiece after his post-mortal fame? No, perhaps we should not give the collective that much power. The true power, without a doubt, lies in the individual.

Now, I believe that the human race is in just that. A race. With itself. Trying desperately to catch up to it's geniuses, to it's creators, to it's innovators. Trying desperately to find and define all of those unknown masterpieces.
Intermesting, no?

One could even go as far to say that a masterpiece is defined by it's creator. Not to anyone else, but to himself. For the ego is man's greatest critic.

Now, I was off in my own world finishing my tea while Blac was recording... but I'm pretty sure as he finished he uttered...

"This is a masterpiece."

I looked at him. He was staring at his hands. I found it extremely appropriate at that moment, and from now until infinity, to call this particular project a masterpiece.

But alas, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm sorry ladies and gents. I tend to do that. Too much marijuana.

Our... special... friend, Blac Garner has created a mixtape. I tried desperately to talk him out of it. I pleaded with him, screamed even, "They won't understand you! How can they appreciate the weight of such a full soul when they do everything to run away from their own emptiness." I even tried locking him in the bathroom for a whole month. He just scribbled more songs on the walls... the bastard. And so, it seems he's destined to suffer at the hands of you unworthy fucks. For what can a creator do, but create.

I say all this to say...

"A Lyrical Thrust Into the (Blac)est Heart of Modern Darkness: The Mixtape" by Mr. Blac Garner will be officially released to the public on January 1, 2011. I was there for most of the recording and I must say, you all are in for a treat.

Despite my feelings on showing your soul to people who can't possibly understand, I was impressed. And I am not impressed easily. So while you're thinking on the subject please look inside yourself and ask, "Am I ready?" You might be surprised at the answer you hear.

I pray his efforts help you find your ever so elusive integrity.

And i find it appropriate to end this with a toast. Hold on, let me get my tea. Here we are.

To Hip Hop! And to the MC! The Master Creator! May he live on forever and find his home amongst the stars!

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