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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes-No Effect


Ya'll have it rough.

Let me Explain...

See, I like females. I like interacting with females. I like getting close to females. And I especially like getting sexual with females.

They seem to like it too. They seem to like it alot.

But society says, that's not acceptable. Apparently, some female somewhere who had the respect of others, said one day, "I am a good girl". And then handed out a gigantic bag of lying shxt, on what being a "good" girl entailed.

"I do not have sex." -Lie

"I do not want sex" -EvenBiggerLie

"I don't even think about sex." -So, you see where this is going.

You see, it's not "lady-like" to have multiple sex partners, or even one before marriage. A woman is supposed to "save" herself for marriage. This started because alot of men are insecure themselves, especially when it comes to sex, and like for their wives to have fucked noone but them. Women are taught this at an early age.

Then puberty hits. And it hits Hard.

You start getting wet.

And start feeling pecularly good when you see a certain someone, or someones for that matter.

SO at this age, when everything in you is telling you to fuck your brains out, society is telling you it's not acceptable.

Thus arises the "yes-no" effect.

So when a female is approached by a male, she has to fight herself. Because while everything inside is screaming, YES!!!. She has been conditioned by society to say no. At times this can become exasperating for the male, i.e. me, so I can only imagine how ya'll must feel.

I was once with a female who told me at the beginning of the night that we were absolutely not having sex. The same night, she ended up telling me how bad she wanted to fuck.

It's an interesting conundrum and it's really a shame that ya'll feel the need to have it. It's perfectly understandable though. Any girl that goes against the "no" of society is immediately and without question called out by other females, as a "ho". And the reason for that is because females feel that if they don't label said female as a ho, they will in turn be under question themselves.
One Important Thing for Females Under the Yes-No Effect:
I'm going to say this with tact first, and then for the slow learners, I guess I have to be blunt.
Tact: I understand that the yes-no effect makes you play with your food before you eat it. But, if you play too long, the food gets cold.
Blunt: If you take too long to decide whether or not you're going to fuck or not, or if you have already decided but feel the need to pretend otherwise, the guy WILL lose his erection. It's natural and it...sucks.



  1. ummmmmmmmm

    Ok, in order to be more coherent and to show that I'm serious, I'm going to use proper punctuation, grammar, and all that good stuff.

    I, as a woman, take this stand on sex:

    If you want it, and you're ready to have it physically and emotionally, then participate. You don't have to wait until marriage.

    Yes, as little girls we were taught that it was right to wait until you were married, to stay pure (but really so that we wouldn't make our moms grannies at sad young ages. You know that's true. I agree that it started out as a way that men could control their wives, but this is what it has evolved into today.) Most girls I know planned on waiting until marriage, but changed their minds once high school hit.

    And, as for labeling a girl who is no longer a virgin a "ho," these ladies are either painfully religious and stuck up, are jealous, or are seriously immature (depending on the age.) Again in my experience, as long as you were mature about it, others really couldn't be immature about it.

    Just beware of the consequences.

    1. "I do not have sex." Girls are LYING when they say they don't have sex. Of course we do. It's the first thing we say when we don't want to have sex with YOU.

    2. "I do not want sex." Again, just add "with you" or "right now" at the end. By the way, if she says she doesn't want it, she probably doesn't, and you should respect that.

    3. "I don't even think about sex." I think about sex. In my experience, girls are more inquisitive and they ask more outrageous questions than guys.

    I know ladies who seem to think of their bodies as toys. They'll sit on your lap, they'll drape themselves over you, they might even kiss you. But, once you gentlemen (cause that's what they'll call you boys) try to dip into the honey jar, they slam on the brakes. You're confused because all you were getting were green lights; you thought it was go-time. It wasn't. And because you don't want to ruin your chances at "getting some" later, you stop, and at the end of the night she'll think you're just the sweetest thing for not pushing her.

    Let me tell you, that's not even the worst.

    Let's say you've been in a relationship for a long time, about two or three years, and the "magic" hasn't happened yet. You've wanted it, but she wanted to wait, and you promised her, so you're waiting. You get to see her in her underwear, and you wait. You get to see her naked, and still you wait. You get to be naked too, and still you wait. And wait. And wait some more. And you get nothing. You're stuck because you probably love her, but your needs are becoming an issue that needs to be addressed. She'll thank you for waiting.

    The good news is, there are a large percentage of girls who WILL sleep with guys, and better yet, they have morals, they are NOT trashy and will try not to play games with your libido. Some are probably relationship material. You just haven't met them yet, it seems. But you will. Just don't be a jerk about it.

  2. I agree (mostly) with what whoever that was above. But I was surprised you wrote this. I guess it's easier to see your side when I'm reading it and not listening to you in the Middle Building...

  3. Well I dunno understanndd your reaction cindizzle..lol..
    it seems that you agreed wit what i had to sayy yet thought i was being a jerk about it??
    lol nahh I havnt been spiteful or madd about the wayy things are with females for a while..this wasn't commentary based on feelings. I've learned how to form relationships fairly well lol..It's more an informative kinda thing..for those of you that don't know..