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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Chemistry has sort of changed my view of the world. You hear learning is a beautiful thing and knowledge is power so much that it has become a cliche. To a certain extent, however, nothing can be truer. In chemistry you learn that everything around you is really the interaction between tiny negative particles. It gives you sort of a mystical feeling, thinking that if you go deep enough, everything looks the same. Past atoms, past sub-atomic particles..and you get what's called quarks. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to see the whole world in quarks. Everything would be in constant ever-flowing motion. I think, that's what God is. The oneness, if that's a word, of everything. Something so beyond human understanding.
We never actually see anything. What we "see" is the light bouncing off of objects, that's where we get colors from, different light waves on the spectrum are bounce off different objects. So we perceive things in light waves. That's how we understand the world. So, we never truly see a wall, or a car, we see the light bouncing off of it.
Also, most of an atom, the fundemental building block of matter, is actually empty space (between electrons). We never actually "touch" anything. The sense of touch is actually the repulsion between electrons, negatively charged particles. There are just so many complex things to think about.


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