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Monday, June 6, 2011



The voices in our heads that we call thoughts can’t really do shit but watch and talk

They control nothing

Don’t believe me?

Yell at yourself in your head to talk. I mean, physically talk.

Command yourself to say a word, one word. Berate yourself. Curse yourself in your mind

For remaining silent


Talk. Go on, speak.

Say a word.

You see, your thoughts don’t even control your body’s movement

Your thoughts don’t control your heartbeat

When you wake

When you sleep

And yet which do we more closely relate to; our thoughts or our physical being ?

Do we define ourselves as the wiggle of our fingers?

Are we the stretch of our necks?

Are we the movement of our feet?

Or are we the voices in our heads, the things we observe, the words we say that nobody else can hear,

The thoughts, that can’t do shit but watch and talk?

And you wonder why you feel so powerless all the time

Why behind every movement, every idea, there is doubt and confusion ..

Why indeed.

You see the reality of the situation is we all own our own realities. We control everything we perceive. It does not exist if we say it does not.

A TV is not a TV if I do not know it is a TV.

Everything that we see is seen for an actual reason and we see far less than we’ve seen,

Which is dreadfully shameful because there is a whole of beauty out there

Dangerous, profoundly overwhelming beauty

Beauty you want to grab, beauty you want to hold, beauty you want to squeeze so tight that you don’t know where the “you” ends and where the beauty begins

I just want to remember everything I already know .

Fuck love, fuck money, fuck power . Truthfully, I don’t even really know what those things are.

But I do know beauty.

And she is the knight in shining armor

She is the flowers after marijuana exits

She is the 5 second glances from that symmetrically pleasant clerk you pass everyday

She is the possibility.

But who am I kidding, it would be impossible for me to perceive all the beauty that this existence has to offer.

Well if it is, then it is only so, because I believe it so. And that’s pretty fucking beautiful.

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