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Thursday, June 16, 2011

unfinished verse .

i've got
unfinished business
a couple cool listeners
a muffled peer circling the digits of my wishlist
this is
the opposite of greed .which
comes around to meet it
at the end of the beginning
it's the sin seeing the sinning while the heavens shine
on the rhinestones that are dripping off the hell of my own
crea.. tionistic euphemisms
this is like a new religion
man research be the illest shit and if you listen
you can here it driving from a mile away
in a stolen acura
bumping to my tape
i hate . everything about this fucking system
see i can play the pussy or i can be the victim
who. nails himself to crosses
while shouting to the bosses
that their routine is awful and it's fucking up my confidence
misogynistic lessons from the lady of my dreams
who whispers in my ear that
everything has a scene
so shove a couple beans down your throat
and just see
if the black eyed peas don't
doggy style your soul
now i'm fighting for control of the man i once thought hated me
affections are a hummingbird
so it seems my bravery

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