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Monday, May 30, 2011

Crazy Bitch Dialogues .. Part . !

- . "Hey, have you seen my tomatoes?"

-/ "you mean these tomatoes ?"

- . "What the fuck . Why are you eating my tomatoes?"

-/ "see! that's why i was trying to wake you up ! to tell you the good news. I've been looking for some tomatoes of my own to eat for so long. This feels so good."

- . " but those are . my tomatoes "

-/ "you know what ? ... fuck you . You ain't never going to change. Why can't you ever just be happy for me ? I've finally found some tomatoes"

- . "but those are . MY tomatoes "

-/ "you selfish asshole ! fine, you want your tomatoes ? have them !! you fucking prick !! i'll be in my room masturbating . "

-/ storms the fuck off .

- . "but i don't understand ... those were my tomatoes ."

don't worry tomato dude . you're not crazy .

just another unsuspecting victim of ...

the Crazy Bitch Dialogues .

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