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Saturday, September 3, 2011

30 Days, 30 Poemas ...

Day 3
A Free in the Day World

Walk outside
nice night
a little chilly but sometimes a breeze feels good
complements the fire of the human spirit nicely
Lily's with me
we have hula hoops
makes me feel like a dance
she gets angry because I have headphones in one ear
i'm chilling, the music is delicious
Walk in the store
deli groceries populate the Bedstuy corners
Guy at the counter says they're from Yemen
Admire their beautiful language
even though it's coupled with suspicious looks
pull money from my pocket
their faces soften
... they are not their confusion
Walk outside with new plastic bags
Mine's containing
honey bun
dollar water
& blueberry poptart
sugar makes hunger temporarily leave my doorstep
tobacco smoke
feels good while you're smoking
not so good afterwards
living in moments
A park
Lily suggests we go in
Good suggestion
Sit down, exchange dreams
She thinks my calm is a phase
I think that's cute
...they are not their confusion
Medina & Wolfe
their badges shine in the street light's soft glance
Wolfe takes the lead
pointless questions
writes down our names
Gives the usual Babylonian response to mine
A stutter coupled with, "can you spell that?"
I'm used to witnessing this matrimony
asks where it's from
I tell him I was named after Patrice Lumumba
first prime minister of the Congo, murdered by our government
He seems uninterested
I giggle inside
Medina seems disturbed by my stare
I can tell she doesn't know what to make of me
"Perhaps he's trying to intimidate me"
...they are not their confusion
Lily doesn't have I.D.
Wolfe runs my name in the computer
comes back with court summons
and handcuffs for Lily's wrists
She struggles, I feel useless
Lily doesn't dig the situation
She lets Wolfe know that
Wolfe doesn't dig Lilly
I run to the house to get her I.D.
while running, i tell my soul to stop crying
...they are not their confusion
we are our own victims living with drama as our sustenance
death is necessary and we fear it
God, we fear it
as we suck on the dark tit of society
i throw the key in the lock
it's so lonely in this world where money is God
i throw the contents of her bag on the floor
it's so lonely in this world where money is God
i grab her passport and rush out
it's so lonely in this world where money is God
running back now
They let her go after much deliberation
As the cops pull off
I hear my father's laughter in my head
I smile
Just another free in the day world
Just another
free in this cold and lovely world

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