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Friday, April 22, 2011


Had a dream

In it I went to sleep

And had the same dream

It seems

It’s mocking my reality


…Wouldn’t need the word “honestly”

If we had any sort of honesty

But uhm

We’re in a world where the word is a shotgun

Hers a weapon


Any second might blast

Waving white flags turning red

As they finish the job

That’s the reverend and god

Even minutes are odd

Watch ‘em tick on the clock

Clock switches to watch

On my wrist as I walk

Towards alarms

As they go off

I turn and see her next to me

Her eyes moving quiet

And I wonder what they’re telling me

Wait, never mind

For the 22nd time

I turn on my back

Fame gets you money, Hollywood takes it back

Now the ceiling’s telling stories

I tell it shut the fuck up

It’s really kind of boring


Maybe I’m silly and I cannot take the moral

How glory is a hurdle and the rest of it is history

I love it how she gets me

I wonder if she’s with me

Or if it even matters when our matters fit gently

I wonder will I mind if there does come a time when she proves that she really is against me

Think I’ll stop the rhyme for a second just so I can have a little bit of time to think about it

Fuck it

On to the next subject

On to a new budget

There’s fun in my stupor and I’m loving how it all comes together while I’m weeping

When it comes to my future I’m like stevie mixed with sleepy and

I can’t wait

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