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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"The World In My Head" Pt. I

Recently, it seems like everything I do fucks up. I'm fast becoming an habitual and seemingly professional fuck-shit upper, or as I like to call it, fucker-upper (has a nicer ring to it, sounds like something a little kinky, and I am a fan of kinky..even when that bitch ignores my calls).

I've invested my time in shit that's fell through, most of the people I've incorporated in my life don't matter to me and don't give a shit about me... I'm beginning to suspect that secretly they've been plotting my demise.
I'm either on the verge of an epiphany, a breakdown...
Or I'm showing symptoms of schizophrenia.
Either way, something's up.

So I've decided to fall back on my ego. But to the extreme.
Sounds like a Pokemon.
Or the name of Freud's son.
I am God.
That's right you fucks. The creator of all things is....
Now I know what you might be thinking right now... So shut the fuck up. Nobody asked you. You don't matter. I'm God.
I am the creator of all I see, hear, taste.. You know.. sense and shit. There is nobody but me. All of you are merely the creation of my very powerful will and imagination. I was lonely. So, I decided to create you fucks. Now knowing that having puppets would do nothing for my loneliness, I made it so that all of you act seemingly independent of my will. And to convince myself, I made myself forget that I was God. But, in the words of one of my more brilliant creations, I've "misunderestimated" myself. So I've remembered.
Thank God/Me!
Being worried about what you think all the time was getting extremely bothersome. I had to figure out how to live amongst you and matter to you. Now none of that matters. It's like a breast of fresh air, a fuckload off my shoulders.

God smiles on you today.

You see I've been assuming this whole time that I am like you.

I've assumed that because you all die. I, too, will one day die.

But now I have nothing to worry about. Why worry about something that I can never know? ... Something that just doesn't exist to me.


Yep, that's right... Not. At. All.

I'm free. And it feels good. And Yes..

You should be scared.

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